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Videos are 60 minute Qigong class recordings. A new video will be added each week and one will be removed. Video library is available for 7 days upon purchase for $10.

** When you book a live-stream class, you are given access to the library at no charge for 7 days once the class is held.



  • $10
    Valid for one week
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Strength and Flow

Activating lower body strength followed by flowing movements.

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Qigong for Lungs and Respiratory System

Our lungs are the commanders of chi and replenish and nourish every cell of our body.

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Less Stress More Energy

Identify tension in body, mind and emotions and train yourself to relax.

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Internal Organ


Healing Sounds with Five Element Flows.

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Healthy Bones

and Joints

Silk Reeling Into the Joints and Bone Breathing.

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Harmonize With the Energy of Nature

The Energy of Fall and the Full Moon.