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More About April

“I am seeking that dance which might be the divine expression of the human spirit through the medium of the body’s movement”

Isadora Duncan




I believe so strongly in movement as a form of self-expression that I have made it my life’s work, creating opportunities for people of all ages to explore movement in a nurturing creative space. 


During my early teaching years, I taught creative movement and pre-ballet to children ages 4 and up. Many of the children continued to study ballet and jazz with me for many years. I staged yearly recitals to offer them the opportunity to experience performance and show their family what they had learned. 

In addition to adult ballet and jazz dance classes, I created a class for seniors called Broadway Basics, in which I choreographed steps to classic show tunes. This was way before Zumba!

My yoga teaching goes back to the early 80’s when I initiated yoga classes in New York health clubs and dance centers long before yoga was popular. I also taught fitness classes and worked as a personal trainer. I incorporated yoga into my fitness training for the mind-body connection. 

April with Master Yu Xiang Chun.JPG

About the time my feet were begging me to stop teaching dance, I was walking my dog in the park and noticed an older man moving his body effortlessly, eyes closed with a peaceful smile on his face. His movement had a fluidity that my trained eye saw would be unusual for a person of his age. I knew there was something deeper going on beneath the surface. Upon meeting Yu Xiang Chun, I learned he was practicing Qigong. Hungry to learn more , I asked Master Yu if he would teach me. I learned by imitating his slow gentle movement and felt an instant connection to Qigong. I had always felt energy moving in my body, now I was experiencing energy both within and all around me.

When Master Yu returned to his home in China, my search for another teacher connected me with Lee Holden. I have studied and trained with Lee since 2010 and hosted his workshops in Chicago. I continue to practice and work with Lee and love his creative, fun and inspiring teaching style.



My daily Qigong practice has been particularly helpful during the pandemic and enabled me to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally well. Each time I practice Qigong, I feel grounded, at ease and better able to navigate these challenging times.

Before COVID, I was teaching Qigong classes at California State University Wellness Center and Recreational Center. I taught weekly drop in Qigong and Yoga classes at Rising Lotus Yoga and Bindupoint Meditation Center in Los Angeles. 

When lockdown occurred in March 2020, I took all my classes online and created a portal for all of my students in other areas of the country to attend classes on Zoom. 

I look forward to the return of in person classes, retreats and gatherings. I believe that we learn better together, and the energy becomes even more palpable when practiced in group settings. 

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